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Dive Into the New Age of Innovative Counterfeit Mitigation

Our Services

Documentation for Traceability

Proper documentation is extremely critical to validate the original source of the supplier. All golden samples must be procured from Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or authorized distributors such as DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, etc. A well documented record will provide traceability and transparency.

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Part Marking

Most small companies could potentially rely on just part markings for validation due to limited counterfeit mitigation budget and resources. However, part markings can be easily replicated and remarked using a method known as 'Blacktopping'. The act of resurfacing ICs to display new information. As part of our service, chipsID will document and verify top and bottom markings against the datasheet for confirmation.

Electronic component top marking.

X-ray Topography

This nondestructive method is essential by simply capturing the wire bond configuration within the integrated circuit of the golden sample. Counterfeit parts will have missing wire bond(s) or  will have a mismatched configuration compared to the golden sample. Defective or failed parts due to overcurrent that resulted in broken wire bond(s) would be identified using X-ray topography.


Die Topography

Destructive method using decap or de-lid method is the best way to ensure devices under test must match the golden sample's die topography. It is extremely difficult to replicate the die especially when there are potentially logo and device type markings on the die. At this level of inspection, almost all counterfeiters would not have the resources to duplicate counterfeit die in addition to the packaging of the integrated circuit (IC).

Electronic component die topography.

Collaborative Cloud Sharing Database

Our innovative technology is not solely focused on providing expedient access to dies for verification purposes; rather, it facilitates an incredibly valuable service that has never before been offered. Our collaborative cloud-sharing database enables members to review and compare images of their current parts batch/lot with previous orders and anonymous peers, thereby instilling added assurance and confidence that they possess authentic golden samples that effectively mitigate the risk of counterfeit components.

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We Integrate With Your Bill of Materials

We provide services that enable collaboration with your company to identify critical components listed on the Bill of Materials (BOM) and acquire golden samples of those items. The essential characteristics of the component will be stored on our server and easily accessible at any time for future reference.

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