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Our Mission

In the event that companies fail to maintain their vigilance, counterfeit parts will invariably seep into the end products that we use on a daily basis, including but not limited to our phones, medical devices, military equipment, and aerospace systems. To combat this issue, chipsID strives to provide exceptional engineering services in preventing and mitigating counterfeit electronic components throughout the entire process of part selection, and also aims to create a collaborative golden samples database for all companies. This will enable them to maintain inspection control down to the die level and ensure the quality and authenticity of their components.

Our objective is to extend our services to both large corporations and small businesses. As we transition towards RoHS-compliant products, defense sectors are becoming increasingly reliant on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. It's important to recognize that all companies have a mutual dependence and trust in each other to deliver high-quality products, including measures to combat counterfeit parts. In truth, small to midsize companies face a disadvantage due to limited funding, which often forces them to carry out the bare minimum inspection to meet the requirements.


Our Belief

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At chipsID, we place a great emphasis on adopting a proactive and preventive approach towards counterfeit mitigation, as opposed to a reactive one. In many cases, companies may find themselves without a sufficient number of golden samples to use for comparison and verification when faced with brokered parts. This often leads to companies relying on third-party quality control and testing, which may have limited or inadequate inspection and testing resources.

The repercussions of utilizing fake components in mission-critical or flight-critical applications are alarming. In the most severe instances, companies may be at risk of having their contracts terminated prematurely and losing the trust of their customers.

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Despite the stark reality of the situation, counterfeit parts are still being underestimated, resulting in the proliferation of a multibillion-dollar black market. The use of counterfeit electronic components poses a significant threat to both national security and the lives of American citizens.

Our comprehensive approach at the front end post part selection by Design Engineers allows us to assist companies capture the identification of a component from lead finish, date code, lot code, markings, X-ray topography, and die topography. By pinpointing these identifying characteristics, we can provide companies with a more robust implementation of counterfeit mitigation measures.

We aspire for our continually expanding database of chip identifications to serve as the primary source of reference for companies seeking a high level of confidence in authenticating brokered parts.

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