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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We do our best to provide answers to our top frequently asked questions here. However, please feel free to reach out to us by email or phone, we always enjoy hearing from our customers for improvements, feedbacks, or just about anything within our expertise to support your business!

What does chipsID have to offer against competitors?

After conducting thorough market research, we have found that there is no other company in the industry that shares our engineering mindset with proactive approach to counterfeit mitigation.  chipsID is uniquely positioned as a one-stop-shop for electronic component golden samples.

Who can be member with chipsID?

Due to national and global security, chipsID is committed to only qualified customers with the following industries: defense, aerospace, medical, nuclear, government agencies, distributors, known broker with existing business relationship to large corporation (defense, aerospace, medical).

What if chipsID does not have the golden sample?

As we continue to grow our massive database for our users, we do acknowledge the fact that we cannot have all the available golden samples readily for inspection. Therefore, we would also collaborate with our customers to build a relationship where they would provide to us the golden sample(s) with complete traceability and share it with chipsID as part of the service we provide.

My company does not have Last Time Buy  (LTB) budget, how can chipsID help?

We empathize with companies that have limited or no budget for LTB and have encountered similar challenges in the past. In such cases, we suggest that companies purchase at least one golden sample for any component that is going to be EOL or collaborate with chipsID to document the golden sample as a reliable reference for future purchases from brokers.

Why do we need to rely on chipsID when brokers should have thorough testing in place?

The truth is that not all independent distributors and brokers are equal. Many of them lack a proper Quality Management System and prioritize speed over quality when delivering parts. Additionally, most brokers have little to no experience with semiconductors and only perform basic electrical tests, such as curve tracing. Their inspections usually involve checking for alterations to the part's markings, as well as X-ray and die topography. However, these measures are insufficient without a genuine golden sample that can be traced back to the original component manufacturer or authorized distributor.

What other services that chipsID can provide to give its competitive edge?

We have engineers with years of experience in DMSMS, Component Engineering, and Design. Our goal is to have minimal equipment downtime and pushing the limits to satisfy customers' demands. Please reach out to us for consultation. We would love to share them with you.

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