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The Gold Standard
for Counterfeit Mitigation

A Comprehensive Proactive & Preventative Approach to Protect Your Business

Let Us Be Your
Front Line of Defense Against
Electronic Counterfeits

Combating counterfeit components is never easy but we are here to help!

Our extensive database of catalog chip identifications will allow your business to confidently perform frequent incoming inspection. Whether ordering a new batch of parts from the manufacturers or using the broker(s) of your choice when dealing with chip shortage, availability, and scarcity of parts caused by abrupt Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) or end-of life, our collaborative golden samples database allows your business to make comparison with assurance.


Instant access to high resolution images of golden samples at your fingertip anywhere in the world.

100% Full

Our components are purchased directly from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or authorized distributor.

Database Growth Acceleration

We understand the uniqueness and critical contribution to the industry from our business, hence, growing the database is our priority.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our team at chipsID is ready to consult the best suitable tier subscription for your business.

Unprecedented Velocity
Impeccable Reliability

In an ideal world, all companies should execute the opportunities to purchase Last Time Buy (LTB) or Life Time Buy (LTB) per contractual lifecycle of a program.

Realistically, most contracts would remove or cut the funding during the proposal phase of the bid due to limited budgets. It only becomes critical with high visibility at the management level when production floor stops because of unexpected obsolescence or availability. As chip shortages continue to be on the rise along with geopolitical issues, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate parts inventory globally. This situation creates the perfect storm for an influx of electronic counterfeit chips as businesses are desperate for parts.

We look forward to delivering our best engineering services for your business in the near future!

We Take Pride in Our Capabilities

top marking and orientation of an integrated circuit (IC).

Top Marking

Bottom orientation of an integrated circuit (IC).

Bottom Marking

Electronic component leads upclose.

Lead Finish


X-ray Topography

Electronic component die topography for counterfeit mitigation.

Die Topography


Texas Instruments.png

Are You Ready to Protect Your Business?

Please feel free to contact us for additional information. Be sure to checkout our FAQ page. When you are ready, click Request Services below and our team members will be available to respond within 24 hours.

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